Garrett and RJ go Hollywood
"How to make it in Hollywood" from two guys who haven't quite made it yet.
12/20/2013 08:34 AM

GARETT AND RJ RETURN!!! International adventurer and long-time friend to Garrett, Tom Breedon, joins the guys to talk about leaving your comfort zone, getting lost in translation, and creating popular cartoon characters in Boy Scouts.

07/16/2013 09:44 PM

The guys are back and more Hollywood than ever in this episode about how to deal with competition among peers. Garrett and R.J. are once again joined by talented film and television actress, Alexandra Kyle.

12/09/2012 08:10 PM

The guys interview Alexandra Kyle, a child-actress turned America's Funniest Home Videos screener who's about to start a new chapter in her acting career. Listen in as these three talk about film acting, growing up in movies, FX's Justified, and inappropriate IMDB comments!

11/10/2012 08:50 PM

The guys talk stand-up, sketch, and all things comedy with their guest and friend, DC comedian Conor O'Rourke.

10/22/2012 05:50 PM

The guys litter this one with new jobs, new comedy teams, and more dog puns than you can wag a tail at! Sorry...

09/04/2012 06:05 AM

Omar Mortaza of Standing Bear productions completes his frank informative interview about working in Hollywood

08/11/2012 10:16 AM

R.J. sits down for an interview with producer, president of Standing Bear Productions, and supermodel sports tycoon Omar Mortaza who shares his story and sage advice. Part one of a two part episode!

06/18/2012 04:32 PM

Garrett strives to hold the record for most blinks and most assisted kills in his lifetime. as R.J. brings up Garrett's obsession with statistics and numbers and how that translates to his everyday tasks and ambitions.

05/31/2012 09:26 PM

A woman joins the fellas and gives a female perspective on working it in Hollywood!

05/14/2012 08:15 PM

The guys hit a creative road block and decide to offer you an entire podcast of updates on freelance gigs, P.A. work, Coldplay, L.A. rush hour, and the future of movie going!

05/02/2012 06:27 PM

The Boys discuss the AVENGERS red carpet and trying to find gainful employment in HOLLYWOOD

04/23/2012 08:10 PM

Kittens, Conans, and lottery dreams ensue as the guys discuss their creative processes and what it's like to write as a team.

04/11/2012 05:52 PM

Now in Hollywood, Garrett and RJ start the plan of breaking into the business of Show

03/22/2012 05:50 PM

Garrett and RJ travel to Los Angeles to try and make it in the Film Industry.