PODCAST WHO: The Doctor Who Podcast with Phil Stamper
An Episode-by-Episode review of the new Dr. Who series
08/15/2013 08:35 PM

Download a Podcast Who detour, as Phil Stamper and Michael Dougherty, Director of Z*Con & Browncoats: Redemption talk about the new 12th Doctor & rumors/rumours of the 50th anniversary.

08/04/2013 09:49 PM

Download this first part of celebrating Geek Week online at Podcast Who with it's a Doctor Who three-way! Check in as Phil reviews 'Planet of the Ood', 'The Sontaran Strategem', & 'The Poison Sky'!

07/27/2013 03:19 PM

Listen to a new Podcast Who as Donna Noble becomes a regular companion for The Doctor as they battle walking fat in 'Partners in Crime' & soothsayers in 'The Fires of Pompeii'...and some very special characters returns!

07/06/2013 11:14 PM

TREKOFF's Justin Timpane join's Phil for an overview of the entire modern Dr. Who Series! Don't miss this one folks!

07/01/2013 10:19 PM

Philip gets his first companion, um, co-host, and there is death on the Titanic. Is it the Doctor's? Guest starring: Kylie Minogue! Download PODCAST WHO now as Philip and Ronnie review 'Voyage of the Damned'!

06/26/2013 07:36 PM

Listen NOW to PODCAST WHO for the end of series 3 of Doctor Who - a year of Martha, Captain Jack, The Master, and The Doctor. 'The Sound of Drums' & 'Last of the Time Lords'! Note: Philip is posting podcasts directly now, let's see if he screws this one up!

06/10/2013 05:30 PM

The Master, Jack Harkness and Martha Jones, oh MY! Phil geeks out to this MEGA Crossover in the newest episode of our DOCTOR WHO podcast. Listen now to PODCAST WHO

06/02/2013 06:08 PM

Our Doctor Who Podcast returns with a review of "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood" from the Third season of DOCTOR WHO with David Tennant (with extra stuff on Martha Jones, the old Doctor Who Movie, SyFy's recutting, and more!) If you're WHO fan, LISTEN NOW!

04/26/2013 12:02 AM

Martha gets off track and the Doctor gets dangerous as Phil discussses "The Lazarus Experiment" and "42"

04/19/2013 10:33 PM

Smith & Jones, The Shakespeare Code.. and yeah, we posted this out of order from the last one. Justin's fault.. he has been appropriatley punished.. EXTERMINATE!

04/14/2013 07:44 PM

Doctor Who fans Rejoice! Phil Returns with a new PODCAST WHO discussing Gridlock, Daleks in Manhattan, & Evolution of The Daleks.

03/09/2013 06:44 PM

The Future is Christmas with TORCHWOOD and Sara Jane! Listen now to the beginning of the THIRD Season of PODCAST WHO with Phil Stamper

02/10/2013 06:05 PM

Phil gets down and Dirty with Rose, the Doctor, Torchwood, and a the end of the second season of Doctor Who.

12/09/2012 08:00 PM

Phil gets dirty Reviewing The Satan's Pit and Love & Monsters

11/25/2012 06:51 PM

Phil and the Doctor face their worst fear: Episodes that aren't very good.. which makes talking about "The Idiots Lantern" and "The Impossible Planet" TWICE as fun. Listen NOW to PODCAST WHO!

11/11/2012 04:48 PM

Phil and the Doctor battle through the Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel

10/28/2012 05:57 PM

Phil delves further into Doctor Who season 2, with the return of Sarah Jane Smith, K-9, An a little love for Devid Tennant with a Girl in the Fireplace.

10/22/2012 05:23 PM

Phil is back to start the true second season of Doctor Who with New Earth, Tooth and Claw, and a mention of something called.. Torchwood???

08/11/2012 10:34 AM

Phil is back with a second season (yay David Tennant!), looking behind the scenes and watching a Christmas Invasion.

07/28/2012 12:42 AM

Phil leads us through the finale of Series 1 of Doctor Who as we say goodbye to Crhistopher Eccleston and hello to David Tennant.