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12/07/2019 10:31 PM

The author of "Fun with Kirk and Spock" and "What would Skeletor Do" brings his new book BODY BY STARFLEET to TREKOFF! 

11/23/2019 10:53 PM

We watch the first 2 eps of the new STAR WARS series and take a deep dive into Disney Plus.

11/03/2019 06:09 PM

We watch the final trailers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the Disney+ Mandalorian series. PLUS: Terminator: Dark Fate review and Reboot Sequels! Listen now to TREKOFF!

10/14/2019 02:18 PM

New STAR TREK Short Treks! New PICARD Trailer! New DISCOVERY Trailer! ALL STAR TREK ALL THE TIME!! Listen now to TREKOFF!

09/25/2019 09:06 PM

We celebrate the life and work of Aron Eisenberg, best known as Nog on DS9, in the wake of his passing.

09/15/2019 09:00 AM

We watch the D23 Trailer for Star Wars, and do our best to fix the Spider-Man MCU Problem on the latest TREKOFF PODCAST!

09/08/2019 01:16 AM

We watch the trailer for the new Disney+ Star Wars Series, review Dark Crystal, 90s SNL and MORE! Listen now to TREKOFF!

08/14/2019 05:56 PM

CBS and Viacom have merged. TREK TV and Movies are all owned by one company. What wonders will come from this? We talk about it, PLUS - Farewell to Lursa, Rebooted Franchises, and MORE! Listen to TREKOFF!

07/27/2019 10:30 PM

We watch the SDCC trailers for Star Trek: Picard, Short Treks, Top Gun 2, and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot! Listen now to TREKOFF!

07/11/2019 02:09 PM

DOUBLE SIZED Episode! J&A Recast Next Generation With characters from the MCU! PLUS: Orville! Dark Phoenix! Trek at the Smithsonian! And more! Listen now to TREKOFF!

06/17/2019 09:00 AM

We watch the trailer for TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, watch critics destroy DARK PHOENIX and review the XMEN franchise - PLUS - Mutants in the MCU - listen to TREKOFF!

06/07/2019 02:14 PM

We watch the Picard Trailer, Explore Disneyland's new STAR WARS Galaxy's edge, discuss Vader Immortal and meet Trek celebs PLUS Sexy time in the #meToo years. Listen now to TREKOFF!

05/13/2019 12:01 AM

TOTALLY NSFW! We go Live to an audience to figure out who would be the best crew to have a sexy party with. 

04/24/2019 12:30 PM

A super sized episode discussing all the amazing things and implications of the season finale of STAR TREK DISCOVERY!

04/22/2019 01:30 PM

The TREKOFF PODCAST speculates about season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery:PLUS: Star Wars Trailer Talk and Spielberg Froot Loops. Listen now to TREKOFF!

04/21/2019 01:42 PM

Did we just see the origin of the Borg on Discovery? PLUS: The Picard Show. AND: Musical Countdown! Listen now to TREKOFF!

04/12/2019 11:31 PM

J&A bring you a special SUPER SIZED episode dissecting the new episode 9 Trailer! Listen now to TREKOFF!

03/14/2019 07:15 AM

Star Trek Discovery gives us a new Spock, and we have opinions!! PLUS: Padme Amidala Joins Voyager to destroy Alexia.

02/15/2019 09:00 AM

Discovery Wrapup! Jonathan Frakes directs a top-ten Star Trek episode, and the Klingons start looking and acting like Klingons! And we discuss it! Listen now to TREKOFF!

02/05/2019 11:46 PM

We look at the first episode of Season two of Star Trek Discovery! PLUS: Vodka and Diet Coke? Listen now to TREKOFF!